☆ pit1 [pit ]
[Du < MDu pitte, akin to PITH]
the hard stone, as of the plum, peach, or cherry, which contains the seed
pitted, pitting
to remove the pit from (a fruit)
pit2 [pit]
[ME < OE pytt < early WGmc & NGmc * puttia (> ON pyttr, Ger pfütze) < L puteus, well, prob. < IE base * pēu-, to chop, cut > L pavire, to beat, strike]
1. a hole or cavity in the ground
2. an abyss
3. hell: used with the
4. a covered hole used to trap wild animals; pitfall
5. any concealed danger; trap; snare
6. an enclosed area in which animals are kept or made to fight [a bear pit]
a) the shaft of a coal mine
b) the coal mine itself
8. a hollow or depression on a part of the human body [armpit]
9. a small hollow in a surface; specif., a depressed scar on the skin, as that resulting from smallpox
10. an area below floor level or ground level
11. Brit.
a) the ground floor of a theater, esp. the part at the rear
b) the spectators in that section
12. the section, often below floor level, in front of the stage, where the orchestra sits
13. the part of the floor of an exchange where a special branch of business is transacted [corn pit ]
a) a work area for mechanics, often below floor level, for repairing and servicing automotive vehicles
b) the area along the side of a track where racing cars make their pit stops
15. Bot. a tiny depression in a plant cell wall
pitted, pitting
1. to put, cast, or store in a pit
2. to make pits in
3. to mark with small scars [pitted by smallpox]
4. to set (cocks, etc.) in a pit to fight
5. to set in competition (against)
1. to become marked with pits
2. to make a pit stop during an auto race
the pits
1. Slang the worst possible thing, place, condition, etc.
2. PIT2 (n. 14b)

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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